Hedge Funds Increased Their Stakes In Financials During Q2

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Hedge funds increased their stakes in financial stocks during the second quarter according to the Goldman Sachs Hedge Fund Trend Monitor (WSJ). Specifically, ownership in financials increased 55% from Q1 to Q2, growing to $70 billion - representing 3.7% of the sector's market capitalization. Bank of America (BAC) and JPMorgan (JPM) were some of the more popular financial holdings within hedge funds, with Regions Financial (RF) and Citigroup (C) also becoming new long positions for some funds. While the net short position of financials also rose slightly, 8% to $63 billion, the large increase in long exposure has resulted in hedge funds being net long the financials by the end of Q2 (WSJ). Although hedge fund redemption request have decreased, reducing the need for forced selling, it is unclear if hedge funds on average will maintain their net long positions in financials after the nice run these stocks have made since the March market lows.