Links of Interest (7/22/09)

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Below are some links of interest (some already posted to Twitter). I may or may not continue with this, given that there are already some good link pages on the web (in particular, Abnormal Returns). Nonetheless, I may at least organize some recent Twitter posts every day or so.

  • Today's earnings calendar (
  • Overview of High Frequency Trading (Clusterstock). HFT in C, BAC, and CIT explained (Zero Hedge). Interesting, and scary stuff. Are high-frequency trading and liquidity rebates keeping CIT over $1 per share? (Zero Hedge, The Pragmatic Capitalist).
  • Insiders at Smuckers have been exercising options and selling shares at highs for the last two summers (WSJ). Should you?
  • Developers Diversified Realty (DDR) to be the first in commercial real estate to use TALF (WSJ). Are alternative investments to follow?
  • Who is laughing now? Variable annuities have been one of the better investments over the last decade (WSJ). But they are still boring.
  • A Bloomberg Global poll has 61% of investors saying the world economy is stable or improving, with almost 75% taking a favorable view of Federal Reserve chairman Bernanke (Bloomberg). So naturally, he is probably toast.
  • Is the NYSE Bullish Percent Index approaching lunacy areas? (ES & EC Futures Analysis)
  • Calpers in down 23.45% for the fiscal year (WSJ). Now there is some talk about whether governments will need to sure-up various pension funds. But where will the money come from?
  • Inverse relationship between price and volume (The Pragmatic Capitalist). Will this summer be different?
  • Charts on the Blog (VIX and More).
  • Bull market for emerging markets (Carpe Diem). Topping, or just getting started?
  • Do superstition and eclipses matter for the stock market? (Marginal Revolution) Groovy man.
  • Death and taxes, and the federal budget. Where your money is going (The Big Picture)?