According to the recent TIM (Trade Ideas Monitor) report, over the last five trading days institutional brokers have switched from being bearish to being more bullish on equities (see previous post or youDevise website for additional information on the TIM report). For the five trading days ending June 11, the number of long ideas as a percentage of new ideas sent to investment managers increased 73.66%, compared to 58.65% one week earlier. Longs represent 67.03% of ideas in June.

The TIM Long-Short Index, measuring the total number of long ideas compared to the total number of short ideas sent to clients, increased 97.2% after recently falling. As for individual securities, JetBlue (JBLU), Intuit (INTU), and Gymboree (GYMB) were the stocks most recommended as longs by institutional brokers.

On the surface, the TIM Report appears to be an interesting idea and new source of data. While I am not yet sure if the data will be too lagging for investment/trading purposes, I am interested to learn how this new source of data can be used, and will therefore be tracking it while available.