Even while equities were rallying over the last few months, some well-known hedge funds were increasing their exposure to gold (see WSJ article). Some of those buying gold, gold futures, and shares of gold producing companies include Greenlight Capital, Paulson and Company, Eton Park Capital Management, and Blue Ridge Capital Holdings, among others. Yet, instead of providing a hedge against a market correction, the move appears to be motivated more by a worry of excess spending and borrowing by the government, resulting in an eventual spike in inflation, and rally in gold prices. While the recent market run has scared some away from the trade, many others are staying long, and even adding to positions, with current gold-related hedge fund investments coming in on average around 5 percent of assets. With gold still holding above $900 an ounce, there is some worry that a crowded trade will keep the shiny metal from moving much higher in the short-term. Nonetheless, for those with a longer investment horizon, there is still an expectation that the excessive printing of money will eventually cause the chickens to come home to roost, validating those who continue to stay long gold.