There is an interesting commentary by Michael Lewis (see the recent Bloomberg article). In the article, Lewis highlights how the hysteria over AIG is obscuring the real problems at the core of the current crisis, one of which are homeowners defaulting on homes they could not afford, and the government instead throwing money at opaque institutions, the workings of which no one really understands or can challenge. With one line, Lewis captures the problem and current situation:

"The guy who defaulted on mortgages on his six spec houses in the Nevada desert has turned himself into the citizen enraged by the bonuses paid to the AIG employees trying to sort out the mess caused by his defaults."
Here is hoping we can head Lewis's call for getting to the root of the problem, and quickly. It is not that we should turn a blind eye and forgive the guilty and the negligence on Wall Street, but instead should focus more of our energy on the solutions to our problems, beginning with identifying and admitting its root causes. As uncomfortable as it may be, for many of us the problem and solution begins with us.