An article in Pensions & Investments reports data from Hedge Fund Research showing that hedge fund industry assets fell by $156 billion in October, with $115 billion from performance-related losses, and another $41 billion from net redemptions. Investors withdrew $22 billion in October alone. Aren't redemptions, at least those above normal withdraws, due to performance-related issues? Then again, redemptions are adding to the poor performance in what is becoming a "chicken or the egg" downward spiral. I guess it does not really matter which came first at this point. We are still left with a market that has laid an egg, and investors too chicken to buy (sorry, I could not resist). The quote of the day from the article: "HFR analysts attributed the outflows to investor dissatisfaction with under performance." Yes, it is true. Markets that are cut in half have a way of generating dissatisfaction.