The Swiss funds-of-funds firm Gottex Fund Management is launching a new fund that will emulate the investments and strategies of some of the larger U.S. academic endowment funds, such as those at Harvard and Princeton (see the article). The new Gottex fund will also allocate around 65% of the fund to alternative investments. Why 65%? When preparing the fund, the Gottex group found that a 65% exposure to alternative investments, when combined with traditional investments, did the best over the long-term. No indication if that means risk-adjusted or not. As for the alternative investments, everything from hedge funds, private equity, long-only equity, commodities, fixed income, real estate, and other real assets will be utilized. Given the current environment, the timing could prove advantageous. As mentioned by fund manager William Landes, "For the short-term the challenging environment for alternative products like private equity and hedge funds was where the opportunities lie. If I put my investor hat on, I would say that if I have a six to nine-month tactical horizon, global equity markets and some alternative markets are actually where I want to be.” Given the move by many academic endowments towards greater exposure to real assets, commodities, private equity, and international equities, any new fund emulating the likes of the Harvard fund may offer no other choice.