The Next Blockbuster Drug?

Posted by Bull Bear Trader | 4/06/2008 08:30:00 PM | , | 0 comments »

Barron's discusses Wyeth's new Alzheimer's drug. The company's initial Alzheimer's vaccine caused some patients to develop encephalitis, but later studies showed that the vaccine reduced the deposits that also caused the disease. When the part that attacked the plaque deposits directly was tested alone, positive results developed. The drug has been fast-tracked by the FDA, with phase II results expected in June. If successful, some are expecting this drug to be one of the largest selling drugs in the future. Given that 1 of 8 over the age of 65, and 1 of 2 over the age of 85 are expected to form some level of Alzheimer's, along with the increased numbers of baby boomers entering this demographic, the potential could be tremendous. With phase II and III results still forthcoming, caution is in order. Nonetheless, the company is certainly worth keeping on the radar. Wyeth's partner in the research is Elan.

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